Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School...Bittersweet!!!

Max's last day of MDO was yesterday. I can't believe that this "school year" is already over! MDO has been such a blessing to us. We have thoroughly enjoyed the program, Max's teachers, my alone time (Until Hadley arrived. Ha!), Max's friends (especially Ethan!!!), and all the wonderful times Max has had at MDO.
Can you believe that Max was barely walking when he started MDO last August?!
Look how different he looks!!!
He doesn't look like a baby any more :(

Such a BIG boy!!! He is definitely a full-blown toddler now!
So bittersweet!!!
 I LOVE the little boy that he has become,
but at the same time I miss my little baby! 
Max has changed so much over these past 9 months! I am amazed each & every day by this little guy!!! He is so much fun, even in the defiant times!
Max has become such a confident, curious, silly, mischievous, loving, giggly, caring, sharing, engaging, independent, menacing, sweet, and charming little boy.
(Just to name a few of his qualities that I find endearing!)
I could go on & on about my love for this little guy!
If I loved him anymore, my heart would explode!!!  
This is his best buddy Ethan. So sweet!
This is his very first little friend.
Max's teachers always comment on how much fun they have together just giggling and playing!
LOVE it!
 This is Max with Ms. Cindy & Ms. Serenity.

I will be forever grateful for these two for loving on my baby boy each day that he was in their care. I know wholeheartedly that he was in the best hands! Thank you is never enough!!!

We are so sad that Max does not get to go back to Little Life Academy next year because of our move, but we know that God has a plan and He will provide another school that we love just as much!

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